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 Issue 5.5 TickIT Guide, published November 2007



Clause by clause guidance of BS EN ISO 9001 for IT systems and software developers

Unique linking to ISO/IEC 12207 processes & ISO/IEC 15288

[BS EN ISO 9001 was revised in 2008 and reviewed by the committee responsible for producing the TickIT Guide. It was decided that the TickIT Guide did not require any further revision or updating since no new requirements were introduced by BS EN ISO/IEC 9001:2008. Issue 5.5 remains the current version of the guide.] 

Essential reading for all concerned with Quality in the software industry - contents include:

  • updated and enhanced guidelines for the application of BS EN ISO 9001 to software development
  • detailed cross referencing to ISO/IEC 12207 software life cycle processes helping software companies to adopt a process-based approach to quality systems management
  • extended, enhanced general guidance for software supplying organizations
  • revised general guidance for auditors
  • extended, updated guidance for customers of computerized systems with a focus on the key role customers play in the achievement of quality
  • general information about the operation of the TickIT scheme
  • case studies showing how major companies have used CMM,ISO/IEC 15504 and the EFQM Excellence Model for process improvement

Issue 5.5 of the TickIT Guide (replaces Issue 5) contains a great many examples of good quality management practice which can benefit all software developing organizations and set them firmly on the path to excellence. For those organizations wishing to have their quality management systems certificated to ISO 9001 and TickIT, the Issue 5.5 TickIT Guide is the authoritative source of guidance. The TickIT Guide also provides valuable support to software organizations seeking to improve their software processes and meet ISO 9001:2000 requirements for continual improvement.

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Alternatively contact:

IT Governance Ltd
Unit 3, Clive Court
Bartholomew's Walk
Cambridgeshire Business Park
Cambs CB7 4EH
United Kingdom.

Tel: + 44 (0)845 070 1750
Fax:  + 44 (0)1353 662667
Email: servicecentre@tickitplus.org

'Bundles', including the TickIT Guide paper version , BS EN ISO 9000:2000, BS EN ISO 9001:2000, BS EN ISO 9004:2000 and BS ISO/IEC 12207:1995, are also available.

Download Executive Overview    of the TickIT Guide.

Download TickIT Guide Contents List     for brief overview of content

Download TickIT Reference List     for details of standards and book references relevant to software quality management.

Download Getting the measure of TickIT  (354K.pdf file ) for details on emerging ISO measurement standards for improving software processes.

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